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Who do I contact for Non-emegencies regarding Police and Fire?

Please contact (260 375-2657) or dispatch for Non-emergencies related to Police and Fire. For all Emergencies please contact 911.

How do I get my Utilities Connected?

Utilities-Electric, Water, Sewer and Sanitation require a deposit before service will be connected. Please stop by Town Hall 132 North Wayne for an application or call the Clerk's Office at (260) 375-2656 for further information.

Who do I contact for Telephone, Cable and Internet Service?

You may contact Citizen's Telephone for Telephone, Cable and Internet service at (260) 375-2111 for installation information or visit for pricing.

How to I get my Gas Service connected?

Gas service is provided by Vectren Gas Company. You may contact Verctren Gas Company at 1-800-777-2060 for any service questions.

How do I establish Postal Service in Warren, IN?

Please contact the Warren Post Office at (260) 375-2422 or stop by at 110 E 1st Street Warren,IN 46792 for further information.

In what way or manner do I get my children registered for School?

You may contact The School Corporation; Huntington County Community Schools at (260) 356-8312.

My Trash has not been picked up who do I contact?

Please contact H&H Disposal for all information regarding missed trash pickups at (260) 375-2777.

Who do I contact if I find a Stray Animal?

If someone has stray animal they can call 888-255-1952.

Who do I contact if an animal has been injured?

Please contact 888-255-1952 immediately if you find a injured animal.

What Day is Trash Pickup for residents of Warren, IN?

Trash will be picked up every Thursday and should be placed at the curb prior to 6:30am.


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